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Zuikertuintje then and now

Zuikertuintje thenWith the arrival of The Zuikertuintje Mall we will be entering a new period for the stately plantation house Zuikertuintje (Sugar Garden)
For years it was the home of the well known Zuikertuintje Supermarket once THE supermarket of Curacao.
Up till the 50’s it was in hands of the Venezuelan general in exile named Gomez that sold it to the “Jolly Green Giant” Toffi Hofland.for the sum of 50.000 guilders, ($27.000) then considered a huge sum of money.


Zuikertuintje nowFor years it was always the meeting place of Curacao, not only for the free coffee but also for the Dutch products that one could only find in the Zuikertuintje Supermarket.
A stately plantation house that through the years knew to maintain its charm and unique architecture and even now with the latest changes still kept it’s projection of being a cozy, family friendly Zuikertuintje, that everybody knows, where one can shop and spend some time in a nice and relaxed way.
The new Zuikertuintje has a collection of nice modern shops with a large variety of high quality goods and services that can suffice the wishes of the most spoiled customer.
Zuikertuintje Mall is surely an acquisition for the Curacao community for it projects our confidence in the future.

Store hours: Monday through Saturday from 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Store listing:
Little Holland
Tommy Hilfiger
Coco island
Omundo Restaurant
Sambal Indonesian Restaurant
Gelati Bella Italia