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Again journalists in RvC public enterprises

Published: August 23, 2007

Source: Amigoe

WILLEMSTAD – After all the fuss in the past about the appointment of journalists in commissionership of public enterprises, the new coalition of PAR, FOL, and PNP is in the process of nominating some well-known journalists for local public enterprises.  These are editor in chief of La Prensa Mariano Heyden at Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH), Ultimo-journalist Roberto ‘Pimpel’ Cuales at Selikor, and Z86-journalist Paul Soliana at harbour company CPA. These are paid positions.
PAR has nominated Heyden and Soliana, while FOL has nominated Cuales.  Heyden is for some time commissioner of CAH already.  CAH is the renter of the local airport to CAP.  He was at first nominated by the PAR, but when this party left the coalition at the end of last year, he remained as commissioner at CAH, but this time on behalf of MSL.  Now that the PAR is in office again, the party has asked him to stay on behalf of her.
Soliana’s name already came up in the past as board member at Korpodeko, but was never really appointed.   He was then nominated by the PAR, and now again, but this time at CPA.
At the beginning of this year, Cuales paid a call in the Board of Commissioners (RvC) of Selikor.   His appointment as RvC-member, and being a journalist, was reason for problems with the new Selikor-director Wesley Kook.  In the past, when for the first time political parties openly appointed journalists in commissionership of public enterprises and institutions, it caused heavy political discussions.
The commotion started after former council member Rignald Lak (MPK) had appointed chairwoman of journalist association Prensa Uni, Samantha Nicolas in the RvC of Selikor.  
These days, the BC is in the process of finishing off the appointments of new commissioners and board-members at the public enterprises and institutions involved.  It is not all done yet, but a few names are already known.
Alexis Daou and consultant Willem da Costa Gomes will accompany Soliana at CPA; all these persons were nominated by the PAR.  PNP nominates former premier Maria Liberia-Peters, consultant Chris Peterson and the director of the Tax Audit Office BAB, Sherwin Casper.  FOL has nominated former minister Richard Salas and Hershell Leito.  The council is chaired by PAR-commissioner Eugene Rhuggenaath (Economic Affairs).
For FOL, Cuales goes back to Selikor with Edwin Franklin; for PAR, former Parliament member Edgar Leito, Anthony Hollander, and Ed Leonora; and for PNP, Helga Mensing, Erwin Eustatius, and head of department of Personnel, Rignald Mamber, while PNP-commissioner Humphrey Davelaar (Social Affairs) is chairman; and on behalf of employers and employees, KvK-chairman Ruud Thuis and Abvo-committee member Stanley Heerenveen are respectively represented in the commissionership.    
Curoil’s Board of Commissioners is made up of former commissioner Mayerdith Bouwland for FOL, Earl Balborda, Hermando Davelaar, Ronald Pieternella, and Humberto d’Abreu de Paulo (all PNP), and Gerold Rach, Nico Blok, and Edward Jesus for PAR.
In the RvC of UTS are nominated Willem da Costa Gomez, Nabil Saab, and Jean Fayad by PAR, Ruben Page by PNP, and Darwin Gregg and former StIP-chairman Reginaldo Carolina by FOL.